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'Stan the Man and the Big Purple Slide' is Jenny's first book in a series of Stan the Man stories for 3-7 year olds.

Stanley  does very ordinary things but when he shouts 'Look at me,' magical things begin to happen and he has an adventure.

'Stan the Man and the Big Purple Slide' can be bought here on Amazon, in paperback or on Kindle.




'Stan the Man and the Giant Sloth' is book number 2. In this story Stanley's sister Isla goes with him on an adventure in the jungle. 

 You can buy 'Stan the Man and the Giant Sloth'  here on Amazon.



'Stan the Man and the Christmas Adventure' is book number 3. Stanley, Isla and cousin Martha visit the island at Christmas time. When playing in the barn they go back in time and watch the events of the first Christmas.

Buy 'Stan the Man and the Christmas Adventure' here on Amazon


'Stan the Man and the Flying Bed' is the fourth book in the series. Stanley goes to stay at his grandparents' house. The new aeroplane shaped bed that his grandpa built him turns into a real plane and he flies off on an adventure to the seaside where he makes a new friend.

Buy 'Stan the Man and the Flying bed' here on Amazon



'Stan the Man and the Seaside Adventure' is story number five. In this adventure, Stanley and Isla go on holiday at the seaside with cousin Martha's family. They build a sandcastle and end up having an adventure inside the castle! 

Buy 'Stan the Man and the Seaside Adventure' here.


Story number six is 'Stan the Man and the Underwater Adventure' which you can buy here

Stan and his dad go camping with some friends and on a bike ride by the river, Stanley falls in. He becomes Stan the Man and has an adventure under the water.







The Stan the Man stories began as 5 minute stories I made up for my grandson, Stanley when he came for sleepovers when he was a little boy. During the covid months I turned them into rhyming stories, drew some illustrations and began to self publish the books on Amazon.

There are now 6 books in the series, suitable for 3-8 year olds (and older!)

The other children in the stories are based on my granddaughters, Isla and Martha.

Stan the Man

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